N 20 P 0 K 4.2 S 5.8 Na 5.2 Mg 1.8

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Sodigrass

    ►►Phased release N to match the plant demand
    ►►Biostimulant to increase the N conversion to protein
    ►►CALCIMER base to promote soil activity and neutralise acidic effect of fertilisers
    ►►Increased Dry Matter (DM) yields
    ►►Improved palatability and feed intake
    ►►Decreased free nitrate in the grass to improve palatability and ensilability
    ►►More flexibility around silage cutting date
    ►►Increased grass Sugars to boost preservation of silage
    ►►Products include Sodium (Na) to improve palatability and Sulphur (S) and potassiume (K) for balanced nutrition
  • N-Process Technology

    ►►The N Process technology is unique to Grassland Agro, in that each granular of fertilizer is manufactured using a patented technology that allows the nitrogen in the fertilizer to be released based on optimum growing conditions (high temperatures and soil moisture).
    ►►This release of nitrogen will reduce losses and increase the efficiency.
    ►►Nprocess contain a Biostimulant that allows uptake and utilisation of free nitrates to proteins.
    ►►All formulations are CCF and contain Sulphur, Sodium and Magnesium.
  • Calcimer Technology

    ►►CALCIMER is an advanced soil conditioner, naturally rich in trace elements and mineral nutrients, allowing for optimum bioavailability of nutrients and sustained mineralisation of the existing soil fertility.
    ►►CALCIMER is natural, fast-acting source of marine Calcium, made from highly porous Calcium Carbonate (CaO).
    ►►It is a highly soluble form of calcium for the rapid correction of soil pH