Hypral One is a non-chlorine liquid wash for use in conjunction with Hypracid One.

It's main use is to make your dairy a chlorine free zone.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Hypral One

    ►►28% caustic liquid and chlorine free
    ►►Improves TBC and thermoduric results
    ►►Combine with Hypraic One for best results
    ►►Removes and prevents the growth of bacteria
    ►►Can be used daily
  • Why use Hypral One

    ►►It can be used to clean dairy machines and bulk tanks. It is free from chlorine. It can be used in a hot or cold wash. it is a 28% caustic liquid. It works in conjunction with Hypracid One and by working together they can achieve excellent TBC (Total Bacteria Count) and thermoduric results. It is very important after each milking to clean and sanitise all milking equipment and utensils that come into contact with milk and dirt before the next milking. The purpose of cleaning is to remove milk soils, organic and mineral solids. The purpose of sanitising is to kill microorganisms on the surfaces. Failure to do both results in bacteria remaining on the equipment and multiplying. This results in elevated bacteria counts in milk.