We all share the same outlook: moving farming forward in a sustainable way, while respecting the environment. This commitment is what drives us to constantly innovate in order to provide you with the most high-performance solutions.

Specified Nutrition

Products with more and more added value

Tailored solutions for each of your needs:

  • Technical products
    We use all our technical expertise to enrich our products with new performance levels, and adjust them to the specific requirements of your operation. These performance levels are proven during field trials.
  • Conventional products
    Designed to satisfy standard agricultural needs, our conventional products cater to plant and animal nutrition.

Each of our products meets the highest international standards in terms of quality and security. Our promise is to satisfy the precise needs of productive and sustainable agriculture : less volume, more efficiency.

The solutions provided by Grassland AGRO are of high added value. The benefits they bring to the productivity of our farms are well worth the price. It is good value for money.

These are solutions are specifically adapted to my needs and which protect my capital: my land and my livestock.

Prescription in Agri-Performance

2,400 Specialist Advisors working to improve your performance!

Improving your farm’s performance is a daily priority for each of our 2,400 Technical Sales Agents.

Experts in your needs

Regularly trained in plant and animal nutrition, they have all the necessary tools to support you in the field, analysing your soils, diagnosing the helth of your crops and farms and, above all, recommending the most suitable solutions. Your success is their number one priority!

Above all, our ATC network is about:

  • More than 20 000 farms visited every day, all over the world
  • A bespoke strategic recommendation and analysis of performance over time.
  • A recommendation of a wide variety of specific products suited to each farm.

“Grassland AGRO products appear to sweeten up my pastures, encourage clover and lambs finish quicker at good weights”.


With Grassland AGRO, I have a specialist at my disposal close to my farm. He provides guidance on good farming practices, assists me and advises me about the best solutions for my farm’s needs. No other provider gives me such a high quality service. In fact, he is a genuine partner, not a supplier.

Natural innovation

Innovation: nature’s generosity!

5 000 m2 dedicated to research

To allow your farms to benefit from healthy and efficient solutions, our researchers are guided by natural mechanisms, replicating their essential properties.

The mechanisms of seaweed, lichen and moss are examined by our R&D teams, working closely with international academic experts. Their obsession: finding natural solutions that will meet the precise needs of a soil, crop or farm – needs which have been relayed to us from the field by our field staff.

The performance of our formulas is validated by field trials. It is a guarantee of higher profitability for you.

“Solutions provided by Grassland AGRO are directly taken from the best of nature. In this way, they participate a virtuous approach to sustainable agriculture.

Grassland AGRO is one of the rare operators in plant nutrition and animal nutrition to have their own laboratories and research teams. The company’s innovation is recognized by the international scientific community, and has been perfectly-calibrated for the transition to an industrial scale.”

Industrial Flexibility

Boosting the flexibility of our factories

From your point of you, how many fertilisers are enough to meet all the needs of modern agriculture? At Grassland AGRO, we think that you need a lot, so the range can be adjusted to every individual need! Our 37 factories make no less than 200 different formulas: soil improvers, starter fertilisers, granular fertiliser, foliar biostimulants…

Reinforced expertise

To produce such a wide range of solutions, our industrial sites must show significant flexibility, be flawlessly organised and equipped with the latest expertise – not to mention innovation and bravery. There is no shortage here: to offer clients fertilisers that are more efficient, easy to use, and with a manufacturing procedure that requires less energy, we have adapted our factories all over the world, with an exclusive technology for granulation and coating.

“With Grassland AGRO, I will be supplied with the desired solution, with the quality I expect, on the arranged date, in the appropriate packaging.
Their factories manufacture without harming the environment and their proximity ensures responsiveness and controlled logistics costs.”