At Grassland Agro, we continually add to our collection of videos creating informative and educational content to share with our customers about our products and the benefits of using them. Below we have included a selection of some of them. You can also find these and many more on our YouTube channel.

The Calseabloc Eurobloc range is based on sodium which ensures that the animals self-regulate their consumption to their need. This means the blocks are cost effective as livestock will only take what they require and do not over consume.

Nutri V-Phyt is a high performance mineral block suitable for drystock, goats, sheep and horses. It contains V-Phyt antioxidants to help reduce the risk to the animal against internal and external parasites.  It contains two unique ingredients; Calseagrit (refined calcified seaweed) Iotech (an extract of brown algae) These condition the rumen and maximise mineral intake.

Our revolutionary antibacterial bedding treatment, Actisan 360! Cleaner, Safer, Drier, Healthier The most common use for Actisan is on dairy cubicles. It is also a superb product in Calving pens and calf pens.

The Ammonia emissions in Actiglene treated slurry are reduced by up to 53%. Hydrogen Sulphide emissions from slurry are reduced in Actiglene treated slurry by up to 80%. Micro-biological activity and other actions of Actiglene mean there is less build up of crust on slurry, which reduces the cost and time of agitation.

TOP-PHOS is a new fertiliser ingredient called Complex Super Phosphate (CSP). It is a water soluble phosphorus fertiliser, and is therefore available quickly for uptake by the grass.

N-PROCESS improves the grass palatability for a higher DM intake and less rejection and maintains an appropriate ratio between potassium and sodium for your forage quality

The GrassVESS technique allows for the assessment and scoring of soil and root structure using an infield evaluation; using just a spade.

David and Sean assess two different sods of soil, one with excellent soil structure and the other with a heavily compact structure. The importance of the focus on soil structure due to rising economic and environmental challenges associated with chemical fertilisers, requires farmers to optimise soil structure on farm.

The establishment and persistency of clover is a major issue on farm due to poor soil health.  Soil structure has a major influence on overall soil health and soil dynamics. Soil fertility is key to increasing and optimising efficiency on farm. Soil P and K fertility cannot be fixed unless soil pH is at optimum levels first. The soil’s biology is extremely sensitive to poor soil structure and suboptimal soil fertility. Biology needs a favourable environment that they can sustain themselves in.

Soil sampling is essential. This allows the farmer to match fertiliser needs, and available nutrients in the soil, to the specific crop requirement. Getting this correct is essential to help reduce nutrient loss to the environment and increasing farm profitability.

Grassland Agro can take your soil sample results and help you build a complete fertiliser plan for your farm. We focus on the specific needs of each individual field to maximise growth for the best economic result.

Bulk density is a major factor affecting the spreading ability of a particular fertiliser product. Bulk density is the weight of a given volume of fertiliser and measures how heavy a fertiliser is. Fertiliser calibration will ensure fertiliser is applied evenly and correctly, therefore ensuring maximum efficiency.

Andrew Claxton discusses his farm in Stradbally Co. Waterford. Also his experience of Grassland Agro fertiliser planning and specifically Top Phos

A career in agriculture, a career in Grassland Agro! Our employees are passionate about their work and delivering superior technical advice at a local level on farm. Our successful growth is based both on the quality of our product range and superior technical advice on-farm.