Hello Hello! Welcome to The Sod Pod.

A hugely informative farming podcast brought to you by Grassland Agro where we like to chat all things farming across the Island of Ireland and beyond. From agronomy to technology, agricultural policy, machinery and more, we are also partial to a healthy GAA debate along the way. Streaming every fortnight, pop on and give us a listen!


The panel is made up of our Technical and Marketing Team;

  • James Freeman, a Tipperary man living in South Kilkenny.
  • John O’Loughlin, a Clare man living in North Kilkenny.
  • David Corbett, another Clare man living in Cork.
  • Lauren Stanley, a Kilkenny woman still living in The Marble County.
  • Claire Aspel, a Wexford woman now living in County Waterford.

The Sod Pod is available on all podcast channels so just search The Sod Pod or Grassland Agro to find us!

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Mind yourself out there, farm smart, farm safe