The Animal Nutrition division works in collaboration with institutes and universities around the world.

Expertise for all species and all livestock

Our engineers and researchers in chemical formulation for Animal Nutrition work in our laboratories and in the field (Europe, Asia, South America), on the implementation of new-generation active ingredients designed for ruminants, monogastric animals and aquaculture. Two artificial rumens make it possible to assess the impact of our formulations on different topics such as digestibility or the value of feed rations.

Intestinal immunity of monogastric animals, the value of livestock manure and the improvement of silage are also the subject of research and specific studies. The Animal Nutrition unit works in collaboration with a number of institutes and universities worldwide (INRA, INP, IFIP, etc.).

Expertise for all species and all livestock.
artificial rumens / digesters
years of experience in ruminants
Collaboration with experimental farms