Cookies policy

Applicable from July 2021

Welcome to the cookie use and management policy (the “Cookies policy”) for the site (the “Site”). We value your privacy by protecting your personal data.

The Cookies policy provides information and the terms of use of cookies and similar technologies used on the Site. These cookies help understand how you interact with the services (placing and possibly tracking orders) available on the Site and improve your user experience.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your device (computer, tablet, mobile) when you visit a website. They are used, among other things, by the data controller, to make websites work more efficiently by storing information about your navigation (recording an identifier to trace your navigation, and, possibly, your customer identity and the current content of your shopping cart, for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.).

When navigating on the Site, different types of cookies may be stored on your computer or made accessible by the data controller, depending on the configuration options you have chosen on your first visit to the Site. They are used for audience measuring, identification data and to provide content, including advertising, relating to your interests on the Site and, where applicable, third party sites.

Cookies that are stored or available, depending on your settings options, are listed in the Cookie Management tab. You may change these settings options at any time from the Cookie Management tab HERE: Manage consent

Cookies collected and used on the Site by the data controller are defined in the Cookie Management tab HERE: Manage consent

Approved third parties may also store or access cookies when you use the Site. These third parties include search engines, measuring and analysis service providers, social networks and advertising companies. Third parties use cookies when delivering content, which includes advertisements that are relevant to your interests, to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to provide services on behalf of the Site and the data controller.

Length of storage of cookies

The cookies that will be stored on your device, depending on your configuration options, will be kept, depending on the type of cookie, for a maximum period of 13 months from when they are first recorded on your device. When this period expires, they will be deleted.

How do I restrict or block cookies?

You can prevent your browser from accepting all or some cookies, (i) on your first visit to the Site through the banner which automatically appears at the bottom of the page for this purpose, and/or (ii) at any time by visiting the cookie Management page available HERE: Manage consent


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