Powered by N-Process and Top-Phos

Highly available Phosphorus in all soil temperatures. Phased release N to match plant needs

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Nutrigrass P

    ►►Plant Stimulant to increase nitrate uptake and conversion to protein
    ►►N Process has a neutral pH impact on the soil as opposed to conventional fertiliser
    ►►Reduced N losses in poor weather conditions
    ►►Reduces nitrate content and increases sugar content in grasses
    ►►Contains CALCIMER soil conditioner base
    ►►CCF products: all the nutrients in every granule
    ►►Increase root mass to utilise all nutrients from soil
    ►►Soil microbial stimulant to release soil reserves of P
    ►►A water-soluble phosphorus suitable in all soil pH’s
  • N-Process Technology

    ►►The N Process technology is unique to Grassland Agro, in that each granular of fertilizer is manufactured using a patented technology that allows the nitrogen in the fertilizer to be released based on optimum growing conditions (high temperatures and soil moisture).
    ►►This release of nitrogen will reduce losses and increase the efficiency.
    ►►Nprocess contain a Biostimulant that allows uptake and utilisation of free nitrates to proteins.
    ►►All formulations are CCF and contain Sulphur, Sodium and Magnesium.
  • Top-Phos Technology

    ►►TOP-PHOS is a brand new form of Phosphorus fertiliser which is available NOW. It is a revolutionary new Phosphorus technology that has been developed by Groupe Roullier. It is available in Ireland from Grassland AGRO.
    ►►TOP-PHOS is a new and unique chemical form of phosphorus compared to standard P fertilisers. It has been recognised within the EU REACH regulations as being different to the traditional forms of P used in standard fertilisers.
  • Top-Phos Technology

    ►►So what is different?
    ►►TOP-PHOS is a new fertiliser ingredient called Complex Super Phosphate (CSP). It is a water soluble phosphorus fertiliser, and is therefore available quickly for uptake by the grass.
    ►►However, unlike standard forms of phosphorus, the chemical make-up of TOP-PHOS protects it from being locked up by the soil. This maximises the availability of P to the grass. It also contains stimulants that are designed to increase root mass to improve P efficiency and to increase soil microbial activity to release P from the soil reserves.