Dairy cow hoof treatment solution

Podocour SV is the complete Dairy Cow Hoof treatment solution. It strengthens the hoof, enhances hoof hygiene and is effective even at low temperatures. Podocour contains copper sulphate, aluminium sulphate, zinc sulphate, glutaraldehyde and benzalclonium chloride.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Podocur SV

    ►►Combination of ingredients give the power of 5 products in 1
    ►►Prevents hoof infection and disease
    ►►Long lasting action and healing effect
    ►►Organic matter does not affect it working
    ►►Low volume of the product required
  • Why use Podocur SV

    ►►The solution has the benefit of 5 products in one because it initiates hardening of the hoof, acts as a disinfectant, has a healing effect, a long lasting action and is user friendly. By using this product you are contributing to your animals foot health It can be applied in a spray form or it can be added to a foot bath solution. Podocour SV controls and reduces the spread of foot infections in either form. The temperature of the foot bath does not affect the treatment, even if it is at a very low temperature. When an infected hoof comes into contact with the solution scar formation is stimulated. Organic matter does not affect the components and they still remain active. It is excellent value for money as the solution is very strong and only a small volume of liquid is required.