Virolac Teat Spray is a powerful disinfectant containing LSA complex

An effective tool which can control your SCC count (Somatic Cell Count). This is the number of somatic cells found in a millilitre of milk. Somatic cells or body cells are a mixture of milk-producing cells shed from udder tissue and immune tissue (white blood cells).

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Virolac Concentrate

    ►►Contains lactic salicylic acid complex
    ►►Contains high levels of hydrating agents and emollients
    ►►Effective within 30 seconds of mastitis causing bacteria
    ►►Effective against viruses, yeasts and fungi
    ►►Dries quickly after applying
  • Why use Virolac Concentrate

    ►►Each teat should be covered with the spray and can be applied pre and post milking. Including the spray will prevent cross contamination but it will also prevent mastitis; one infected cow could contaminate the 6 following ones. Application can be in a dip or spray form and it is suitable to use all year round. Mix at a 4-1 ratio with food safe water. Teat can be rough, chapped and cut from weather, suckling and poor farm maintenance. Virolac leaves the teats in excellent condition, strengthening the flexibility of the sphincter. Mastitis causing bacteria may be on the teat surface after milking so the spray will help protect and prevent the spread of contagious bacteria.