N 0 P 6.5 K 8.3 Ca 24.3

Contains protected P for acid soils (< soil pH 6.2) with high levels of Iron (Fe) and aluminium (Al) due to slow-release form of P. The P is released at a rate that closer matches the plant uptake, and therefore gives the roots a better chance of competing for P before the soil can lock it away.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Premium Graze

    ►►PHYSACTIV: a Root and Soil Biostimulant to pr omote root growth and soil P release
    ►►A source of Calcium
    ►►CCF products: all the nutrients in every granule Contains Potassium (K)
  • Physactiv Technology

    ►►PHYSACTIV provides essential nutrients to create a base for good fertility on acid to neutral soils, to provide crop needs for a sustained and environmentally efficient agriculture.
    ►►PHYSACTIV stimulates bacterial activity to increase the Organic Matter Cycling and soil activity whilst reducing losses of P, K, Ca and Mg.
    ►►It also stimulates root development, particularly the “fine root zone” to increase the nutrient absorption ability of the crop.
    ►►PHYSACTIV is a unique seaweed complex combining fucanes, aminopurines, calcium from CALCIMER and soft rock phosphate.