N 6 P 4.4 K 5.8 S 4 Ca 14.3 Na 5.2 Mg 1.8

Ideal for Grazing Ground

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Maxi Graze

    ►►Phased release N to match plant needs
    ►►Plant Stimulant to increase nitrate uptake and conversion to protein
    ►►N Process has a neutral pH impact on the soil as opposed to conventional fertiliser
    ►►Reduced N losses in poor weather conditions
    ►►Reduces nitrate content and increases sugar content in grasses
    ►►Contains CALCIMER soil conditioner base
    ►►CCF products: all the nutrients in every granule
    ►►Contains a source of calcium for plant and soil nutrition
    ►►Soil Microbial stimulant to increase the release soil reserve of P
    ►►Increase root mass to utilise available P