Revolutionary Slurry Enhancer

Actiglene is a new and innovative slurry enhancer that increases the nitrogen efficiency of animal slurries whilst helping to reduce gaseous emissions.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Actiglene

    The unique formulation of Actiglene is designed to increase available nitrogen in slurries and decrease emissions during storage and at agitation.
    The creation of a favorable environment for bacteria by the supply of marine calcium and the stimulation of the bacteria by a nutritive complex from seaweed origin increases bacteria activity.
    This increase in bacteria activity allows for the conversion of organic nitrogen to available nitrogen and also increases the liquidity of the slurry.
    The increase in the liquidity of slurries allows for a reduction in overall agitation costs.
  • On farm Irish Trials

    Replicated trials show a grass yield benefit of up to 0.9 t/ha of DM when slurry treated with Actiglene is compared to untreated slurry.
    This equites to FIVE bales extra of silage per hectare!


Slurry, Liquid manure stores