Mineral block with rumen buffering to complement a highly acidic diet.

Calseadigest+ is formulated to supply minerals and buffer the rumen to help combat the onset of acidosis brought on by high intakes of winter forage in dairy cows.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Calseadigest+

    ►► Rumen complex with 3 buffers and 3 specific rumen minerals
    ►► Control of ruminal pH and stimulation of rumen microbes for a better digestion of the diet
    ►► Tri-sodium supply on block support for self-regulation and increased production of endogenous bicarbonate
    ►► High content of trace elements, rich in zinc for strengthening the feet
    ►► Calseagrit Biotech: ruminal activator
    ►► Amaferm: enhances fibre digestibility
  • Why Use Calseadigest+

    ►► Support of high fibre diet
    ►► Stimulates salivation and reduces the risk of acidosis (pH support)
    ►► Maintenance of the rumen function digestion and appetite
    ►► Improve the digestion of Silage & Concentrates diets
    ►► Supply of trace elements for maintenance
  • Composition & Macronutrients

    Sodium 19.5%
    Calcium 7.5%
    Magnesium 2.4%
    Phosphorus 2%
    Sulphur 1%
    Enhancer of Digestibility (mg/kg)
    AMAFERM® 5,000
    Trace elements (mg/kg)
    Zinc 9,750
    Manganese 4,000
    Copper 1,625
    Iodine 100
    Cobalt 40
    Selenium 10


Dairy cows, beef cattle