Specifically designed for pigs

Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Calseapig+

    ►► Calsea Pig+ strengthens the immune system by providing antioxidants.
    ►► Calsea Pig+ contains plants extract which reduce aggression and therefore reduce incidents of cannibalisation.
    ►► The Calsea Pig+ block provides a source of minerals and antioxidants to promote fattening.
    ►► Calsea Pig+ mineral block also eliminates boredom.
  • Contains minerals for the following

    ►► Calcium = A significant role in the operation of cells (muscles cells, heart cells, nervous cells)
    ►► Sodium = Important element in the regulation of blood pH.
    ►►Magnesium = It is essential in the synthesis of the muscle and takes part in the energy production
    ►► Zinc = A deficiency of Zn can result in a loss of appetite and a delay in growth
    ►► Manganese = Plays a significant role in the synthesis of the skeleton and joints and function of the enzyme system
    ►► Copper = Important for the prevention of diarrhoea and a loss of appetite
    ►► Iron = Important for the operation of haemoglobin in the transport of the oxygen and the prevention of anaemia