The Antibacterial Bedding Treatment

Disinfecting and drying mineral complex for dairy, beef, poultry, sheep, pigs, horses and youngstock.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • What is Actisan?

    A mineral complex to disinfect, absorb moisture and reduce odours
    A formulation of a biocidal agent with mineral salts and aromatic compounds
    Biocidal Agent - Salicylic Acid, helps to reduce the activity of pathogenic bacteria
    Mineral Salts - To absorb ammonia and water, reducing odour and humidity in the bedding
  • Why Use Actisan?

    • Controls the bacterial population therefore reducing the risk of environmental mastitis and other infections linked to bedding

    • Harmless to animals and people
    • Non caustic
    • Non aggressive

    • Absorbs over 200% of its weight
    • Irreversible chemical retention of water
    • Fast action proven in less than 4 hours

    • Significant reduction in ammonia
    • Chlorine free
    • Natural fresh smell