Make your dairy a chlorine free zone

Hypracid One is a unique three in one non-chlorine detergent, descaler and sterilising solution.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Hypracid One

    ►►Removes chlorine and bacteria
    ►►Improves TBC and thermoduric results
    ►►3 in 1 detergent, descaler and steriliser
    ►►Soft on rubberware
    ►►Can be used daily and is effective in both hot and cold washes
  • Why use Hypracid One

    ►►Dairy machines and bulk tanks can be cleaned with Hypracid One. The environmentally friendly and biodegradable product contains Nitric acid which is recommended as it is not hard on rubber ware. There is no chlorine or phosphoric acid in the formula. The amount to be used depends on the size of you bulk tank. You can use it daily in a hot or cold wash. Hypracid One has been tested in Teagasc Moorepark, Pallaskenry as well as a number of Irish dairy farms. The formula can improve your TBC (Total Bacteria Count) and thermoduric results allowing you to achieve the highest standard of milk. Wearing protective clothing is advisable as it is a strong solution and gloves should be worn when handling this product.
  • Why use Hypracid One

    ►►After each milking all equipment should be cleaned and sterilised before the next milking. The purpose of cleaning is to remove milk soils, organic and mineral solids. The purpose of sanitising is to kill microorganisms on the surfaces. Failure to do both results in bacteria remaining on the equipment and multiplying. This results in elevated bacteria counts in milk. It has a reduced global impact on waste and a reduced carbon footprint. Combine with Hypral One for best results.