Actiglene – Get more grass from your slurry

Research has shown that cattle slurry is an excellent source of nutrients for grassland and tillage crops under Irish conditions.

Slurry spreading can be a costly job as agitating and spreading costs can quickly add up; however, slurry has a real value, even if it is seen as a nuisance by some farmers. The use of Actiglene slurry enhancer has been proven to greatly increase the value of slurry as a fertiliser to grow grass, while also providing a whole host of additional benefits. Many farmers are now choosing to use this product in their slurry as part of their farming practice to improve overall nutrient management and grass production on the farm.

How To Get More From Your Slurry

cow, grass, slurry, fertilsier Actiglene, an innovative slurry enhancer product, was brought to the Irish market in 2013 by Grassland AGRO. Actiglene is a beneficial slurry enhancer that combines a number of ingredients and technologies that improve the fertiliser value and consistency of slurry. One of the key benefits of Actiglene enhanced slurry is higher grass yields, as the product has been
proven to give yield benefits equal to an extra five bales of silage per hectare under Irish conditions. Along with increased grass production, the slurry enhancer provides benefits such as: reduced time and cost of slurry agitation; and reduced emissions of harmful gases from slurry.

Core benefits

• Increased grass yields
• Reduced agitation
• Reduced harmful gas emissions

More Grass With Actiglene Treated Slurry Trials carried out in Ireland in 2015 and 2016 show that the use of Actiglene treated cattle slurry increases grass yields by an average of 0.65t/ha, which
equates to five bales of extra silage per hectare. This is potentially worth €190 per hectare for Irish
farmers and infers an economic benefit of over three times the return on investment when the product is used at the recommended rates.

actiglene, slurry, grass

Actiglene increases grass yields by allowing for nutrients in the slurry to be used more efficiently and by increasing the activity of the soil to breakdown and utilise the nutrients applied.

How To Use Actiglene

Actiglene is extremely easy to use, as it is applied at a rate of 0.5kg per livestock unit of dry powder on slats and floors, or directly into the tank, once per week during the housing period.

Benefits of using Actiglene:

• Grass DM production is increased by 0.65t/ha of DM, equivalent to five bales or silage per hectare;
• The ammonia emissions in Actiglene treated slurry are reduced by up to 53%;
• Hydrogen sulphide emissions from slurry are reduced in Actiglene treated slurry by up to 80%;
• Micro-biological activity and other actions of Actiglene mean there is less build-up of crust on slurry, which reduces the cost and time of agitation.