A Career With Grassland Agro – Joe Hogan

Human relations are at the the heart of a GRASSLAND AGRO representative’s job!
Joe Hogan took this as a personal challenge, and has been committed to sharing and transmitting his knowledge to members of his team. He reflects on his career and the importance of teamwork in his profession.

“Each person who comes on board brings us something new, whether it is a point of view or knowledge.”

Can you tell us a bit about your professional career?

My career in agriculture spans over 40 years, and I have been working with Grassland Agro for 9 years now. Prior to that, I have worked in different sectors of the agri industry and even in the renewable energy sector. Being a farmer myself, I find the job of representative particularly appealing!

What does being a representative for Grassland Agro entail?

For me, it entails building a good relationship with farmers and merchants. You have to be able to understand the farmers’ problems, diagnose them, and provide a tailored solution. It is vital to have an extensive knowledge of our products, but it’s all about discussing, and sharing. I love being hands on and talking to the customers. This job is about being on the field, maintaining strong relationships in the end.

How does team spirit fit in your job?

The work of a GRASSLAND AGRO representative cannot happen without team spirit : we learn something new everyday day from people joining our team. It’s a great comfort (and motivating !) to be able to call your colleagues for support. If you come across an issue on a farm and would like someone else’s thoughts on it, it’s good to know there is a huge network of people you can turn to for advice.

How important is the transmission and sharing of knowledge?

I think its hugely important for us to share and pass on our knowledge, particularly to the new and younger reps. When I started working for Grassland Agro, I relied a lot on the more experienced reps, their advice and recommendations in the field. I try to do the same for newcomers: it is a transmission.

Any particular memory you would like to share?

Definitely my first sale for Grassland Agro – a great feeling! Also our group trip to France:
I found it hugely interesting and beneficial seeing how our colleagues at TIMAC AGRO International work over there, and also to see all the research and science behind our solutions at the CMI.

Is there someone in your team, with whom you work you would like to thank?

There is no one individual person, I would genuinely like to thank everyone within Grassland for making it an enjoyable work life ! I feel very lucky to work in a company where I feel like I can ring or talk to any one of my colleagues if I need to.

If you are interested in a career with Grassland Agro, have a look at our current vacancies.