A Unique product designed to Condition the Soil

It contains a marine calcium material called “Calcimer“ acts as a source of calcium for both soil structural improvement and plant nutrition.It also works as a soil surface pH stabiliser to maintain the soil pH at optimum levels and counteract the naturally acidification of soil that will occur due to rainfall, crop growth and fertiliser application. By maintaining and optimising the soil pH, the availability of nutrients in the soil is maximised.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Physiolith

    ►►Multiple benefits of Physiolith exist for soil, grass and animals.
    ►►1) SOIL SURFACE PH: Liming agent to maintain soil pH Higher solubility and reactivity than standard (carbonate) lime
    ►►2) SOIL HEALTH: Optimised soil pH for soil biology and earthworms Porous nature of Calcimer® provides habitat for essential soil bacteria and fungi to flourish
    ►►3) CALCIUM: ­Essential plant nutrient Soil structural benefits ­
    ►►Balancer for high soil magnesium to loosen soil structure
  • Benefits of Physiolith

    ►►4) NUTRIENT UPTAKE: Soil pH optimises nutrient availability in the soil and efficiency of fertilisers Root stimulant allows better nutrient uptake by the plant roots ­Natural source of trace elements Breakdown of organic matter and slurry to release nutrients
    ►►5) MORE GRASS: ­­Higher grass yield Healthier swards and faster recovery after grazing 1.6 t/ha of additional DM measured in on-farm trials in 2015
    ►►6) GRASS QUALITY: ­­Nutritionally superior grass with higher Calcium and Phosphorus contents 13-18 % increase in P content 8-17 % increase in Ca content (On-farm grazing trials in 2015 comparing mineral contents in grazed grass with or without physiolith application)"
  • Calcimer Technology

    ►►CALCIMER is an advanced soil conditioner, naturally rich in trace elements and mineral nutrients, allowing for optimum bioavailability of nutrients and sustained mineralisation of the existing soil fertility.
    ►►CALCIMER is natural, fast-acting source of marine Calcium, made from highly porous Calcium Carbonate (CaO).
    ►►It is a highly soluble form of calcium for the rapid correction of soil pH