The Pro-active nutrition for your soils and crops

►►An activated soil, increasing nutrient release.
►►A well fed soil for a sustained and effi cient availability of nutrients.
►►An increased plant activity for an enhanced absorption capacity
►►Increasing the uptake and utilization of nutrients!

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Physalg 27

    ►►Protected P for acid soils (< soil pH 6.2) with high levels of Iron (Fe) and aluminium (Al) due to slow-release form of P. The P is released at a rate that closer matches the plant uptake, and therefore gives the roots a better chance of competing for P before the soil can lock it away
    ►►PHYSACTIV: a Root and Soil Biostimulant to pr omote root growth and soil P release
    ►►A source of Calcium
    ►►CCF products: all the nutrients in every granule Features and Benefits
    ►►Increase root mass to utilise available P
    ►►Contains a source of calcium for plant and soil nutrition
    ►►Soil Microbial stimulant to increase the release soil reserve of P
  • Physactiv Technology

    ►►PHYSACTIV provides essential nutrients to create a base for good fertility on acid to neutral soils, to provide crop needs for a sustained and environmentally efficient agriculture. PHYSACTIV stimulates bacterial activity to increase the Organic Matter Cycling and soil activity whilst reducing losses of P, K, Ca and Mg. It also stimulates root development, particularly the “fine root zone” to increase the nutrient absorption ability of the crop.
    ►►PHYSACTIV is a unique seaweed complex combining fucanes, aminopurines, calcium from CALCIMER and soft rock phosphate.