Specifically designed for the grassland market in Ireland to improve the growth and quality of grass

A foliar biostimulant specifically formulated for application to intensive grassland, in particular high production silage ground, and in association with herbicide application to prevent crop stress.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Fertileader Stimgrass

    ►►Contains a seaweed-based compound with added mineral elements
    ►►Increases plant resilience to stress caused by weather and pesticide applications
    ►►Gives more effective uptake of nutrients
    ►►Increases photosynthesis and overall plant growth, yield and quality
    ►►Supplies a range of trace elements
  • Why Use Fertileader Stimgrass

    ►►Increased grass-silage yields by up to 435kg of DM/ha or 5%;
    ►►Increased sugar concentration in silage by 16% (AFBI trials 2007);
    ►►Reduced grass nitrates, ‘free-nitrogen’, by 0.05% per kg of DM or 28%;
    ►►Improves crude protein levels by 32g/kg of DM or 25%.
    ►►Fertileader Stimgrass is a unique product that allows farmers to protect grass yields and maximise production, but also improve grass quality and palatability for greater utilisation. This results in a reduction of overall waste from silage preserved.