Liquid root biostimulant.

Fertiactyl Starter is used to encourage good early establishment and root development in all crops. In addition it induces an increased resistance to plant stress helping to overcome certain problems.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Fertiactyl Starter

    ►►Primarily used at the emergence of many combinable and forage crops. Particularly suitable for: Potatoes, maize, transplanted vegetables, oil seed rape, and cereals
    ►►Encourages good early crop establishment and root development of sown crops
    ►►More intense, longer photosynthesis which allows better nutrient efficiency
    ►►Increased resistance and nutrient uptake in periods of plant stress
    ►►Helps to overcome environmental stresse
    ►►Increased rooting, actively promotes uptake and transport of minerals by increasing root mass
    ►►Protects nutrients from loss in blocking or leaching soils and releases nutrients from the soil