Official launch of our Clover Fertiliser Range

A big event in our Grassland calendar as we launch our clover range

We have developed a specific range of fertilisers for clover to provide agronomy solutions for the current and future needs of Irish farmers.

Clover Fertiliser range In farming, white clover is the most commonly sown legume species in temperate grassland. White clover grows really well in association with grass. It is tolerant of grazing and can grow over a fairly wide range of climatic conditions.
Red clover can be sown from April to late July. Sowing in the spring gives greater forage yields of up to 60% during the establishment year and the first harvest year than later sowing.

Unlike white clover which has a low, creeping growth habit, red clover only grows from its crown, and so requires careful management to protect the crown and ensure good persistence.
Clover is highly palatable and digestible for the animal and we discuss incorporating it into a reseed or over sown also.
Clover can be very tricky in heavier soils and needs that higher soil pH of 6.2 to 6.5.

Clover is a crop. Red and white clover need to be treated and fertilised as a crop. They are both more sensitive to nutrient deficiencies. The Grassland Agro clover range is designed to supply sufficient N,P,K,S and essential trace elements to clover crops.

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