Our expertise

Specified Nutrition

A whole-farm and quality driven approach to agriculture with integrated ranges in plant and animal nutrition. Learn more 

On field performance

Our network of experts can visit each individual farmer to address their specific needs. Learn more 

Natural innovation

GRASSLAND AGRO research and development is guided by natural processes in the creation of our molecules and development of new active ingredients. Learn more 

Industrial Flexibility

Our industrial facilities offer nutritional solutions as part of a complete industrial value chain, where each link in the process is essential. Learn more 

Maintain natural soil fertility for productive, profitable and sustainable soils. Provide the “right amount” of nutrients for sustainable agricultural production.
Provide an efficient, environmentally friendly fertilisation programme considerate to the environment through the utilisation of existing soil reserves, organic manures and crop residues.

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Provide practical, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions through our comprehensive crop knowledge.
GRASSLAND AGRO utilises innovative ranges of fertilisers based on agronomic additives from natural origins, stimulating plant physiology and improving the efficiency of fertiliser use.

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Optimise the performance of livestock and maximise stock production potential.
Animal nutrition is one of the three pillars of GRASSLAND AGRO. We provide farmers with tailored solutions to increase the performance of their herd and promote the sustainability of their business.

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Our innovations

From Irish pastures to Brazilian soya, from European dairy cattle to American poultry, Roullier’s researchers at the CMI and experts from all over the world spend their days exploring every possible research angle, developing the marine and plant-origin based technologies that have set the Groupe Roullier apart since 1959.
  • Our Innovation Laboratories

    The essential control point for all our research and production. Learn more
  • The Plant Nutrition division

    The Plant Nutrition division provides practical, efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions thanks to comprehensive expertise, from soil to leaf to fruit. Learn more
  • The Animal Nutrition division

    The Animal Nutrition division works in collaboration with institutes and universities around the world. Learn more
  • The Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier

    Fully committed to plant and animal nutrition for more than 60 years, Grassland AGRO is preparing solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow at the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier, CMI. Learn more
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