High quality premium bag mineral

Mineral supplement for cattle in Pre-calving period

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Lithaprecalver

    ►►Calseagrit Biotech improves rumen health and enhances mineral absorption
    ►►Secure form of Magnesium (Mg) PhorMag has a high availability of Mg for animal protection at calving
    ►►Organic Selenium reduces cases of retained cleanings and improves animal immunity reducing mastitis
    ►►Phosphorus availability is improved due to the use of PhorMag
    ►►Biotin essential element for reducing lameness and improving feet health indoors
  • Why Use Lithaprecalver

    ►►High levels of Chelated minerals. Copper, Zinc & Manganese are presented in a chelated form for improved animal health and fertility.
    ►►High levels of Vitamin A, D & E are supplied
  • Composition & Macronutrients

    Sodium 13%
    Calcium 2%
    Phosphorus 6%
    Magnesium 15.5%
    Trace elements (mg/kg)
    Zinc 4,000
    Manganese 3,000
    Copper 3,000
    Iodine 500
    Cobalt 100
    Selenium 50


Dairy Cows, Suckler Cows, Heifers