Preparation for calving (easier delivery)

Calseacalver+ is low in calcium with an inverted Ca/P ratio. It has a high level of magnesium, to help muscle contractions during calving. It helps to reduces the risk of milk fever and stress.

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Expectations & Benefits

  • Benefits of Calseaprecalver+

    ►► Inverted P/Ca ratio Calcium mobilisation
    ►► Supports immunity with Selenium and Vitamin E
    ►► Rich in trace elements for maintenance and foetal transfer
    ►► Sodium base for self-regulation
    ►► Calseagrit Biotech: ruminal activator
    ►► Rich in vitamins for easy calving and calf health
    ►► Rich in magnesium for stress control
    ►► Rich in Chelated Copper
  • Why use Calseaprecalver+

    ►► Charging reserves for lactation
    ►► Preparation for calving (easier delivery)
    ►► Strengthening and transfer of mother-calf immunity
    ►► Improves Colostrum quality
    ►► Maintenance of the rumen function digestion and appetite
    ►► Individual Mineral Supplementation
    ►► Prevention of milk fever
  • Composition & Macronutrients

    Sodium 18%
    Magnesium 6.5%
    Phosphorus 5.5%
    Calcium 3.5%
    Vitamin (mg/kg)
    Vitamin A 300,000
    Vitamin D 110,000
    Vitamin E 2,000
    Trace elements (mg/kg)
    Zinc 3,000
    Copper 3,000 of which chelate 300
    Manganese 1,000
    Iodine 500
    Cobalt 100
    Selenium 50


Dairy Cows, Suckler Cows, Heifers, Goats